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Welcome to the World's Shortest Movie Reviews

The title says it all. The reviews are short. In fact, the shorter the better. Remember This is Spinal Tap, the rock mockumentary? There was a point in the film where the interviewer read a review of Spinal Tap's album, Shark Sandwich? The review said simply, "Shit sandwich." That was the inspiration for this site. Short, hopefully amusing movie reviews, written by us here at WSMR and YOU, the people! Yes, that's right!! You! Did you just see a movie and want to blab about it on Facebook, but most of your friends won't see it because they are too busy arguing over politics and gun control? Well, your worries are gone. Send it to us and share your views with the world. Comment anonymously (if you wish) on any of the reviews that are already there or send us an email with your own short review--we'll do the rest and give you the credit. But be forewarned, we review movies, not film, so if you bring any of that film-school BS to the table and start talking about the lush cinematography or staccato directing style, you can just leave it on your Facebook.

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March 22nd New review of Roboflop from Mick, we also so got a review from Max for Oscar contender Machete Kills. New reviewer Exposevideoguy tells us about Oblivion. Old favorite, The Spork Guy, gives us Wolf of Wall Street, Prisoners, 12 Years a Slave and Bad Grandpa.

Yes, we do know that the poster link sends you to the page the review is on and not the review itself, but I don't care all that much, it gives you a reason to glance at some of the other reviews that take 14 seconds to read so quit bitching.
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