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Drunken Monkeys and Angry Penguins - No it's not a list of funny You-Tube videos, it is the very own blog of one of our favorite reviewers, TheErikWilliams!

The Long and Late Movie Show -- Podcast goodness out the gate. Good kids, funny, lots of guests, occasionally there's some film school BS but that chick Shira is hot so fuck it.

Aint it Cool News -- Not only cool but nerdily awesome (yeah I just made that word up because thats how I roll).

Rotten Tomatoes -- The king of the mountain of review sites. Someday we will be on there…someday.

IMDB -- Get your movie learning done here. Who was the chick that had the great rack in that movie with so and so.

Mr. Skin -- After you found out who that chick with the great rack was look her up here (18 and over disclaimer;)

Bad Movies -- Love Bad Movies? Yeah, so does this guy. Lots of good reviews here.

Jo Blo. - Good site, news, reviews, geekiness supreme.

Costume Contumely - Do you like super heroes and action figures and other nerdy stuff? Heres a good blog to chew on.

B Movie central - Great site with all sorts of information and reviews of classic B movies.

Movie Buff -- Get pumped up with these guys, guest reviewers some podcast goodness and 30 reps of 20 pound curls.